“I’m so excited to be here with you! After years and years of dreaming deep, listening to my soul and filling journals with intention, desire, and everything I want to share, my heart is so full and excited right now.

There are times we have to dig so deep to show up true and brave in our lives. My hope is that you can lean on this space to elevate and inspire your fierce, feminine soul. Annapurna Living is the blossoming of my deep desire to create community with all women—juicy artists, soulful mothers, inspired young women and wise elders—and form a true women’s circle.

To share the bliss + blessing of this launch, I will be hosting giveaways each week throughout November and December from the following soulful artisans who make their heart-work their life-work. They’ve opened their arms wide to embrace Annapurna Living and generously offer hand-crafted jewelry, eCourses, art, and more in joyful celebration.

May you be refreshed & replenished here. May you return often and make yourself at home. And if you find yourself encouraged and uplifted through Annapurna Living, will you share it with your friends? Together we can inspire and elevate our lives to be shining examples of living with intention and beauty, creativity and love.

With warmth, gratitude and joy,”  —Carrie Anne Moss

Annapurna Living

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