Carrie-Anne Moss has played a lot of powerful, competent, very nerd-friendly women in her career, from the reality-bending Trinity in “The Matrix” to the fierce Aria T’Loak in the “Mass Effect” video game series. So it’s no surprise that she’s continuing the trend in Marvel’s latest superhero show, “Jessica Jones,” as Jeri Hogarth, the manipulative, no-nonsense lawyer who hires Jessica (Krysten Ritter) for her private investigation skills.

If that name sounds vaguely familiar to hardcore comic book fans, it’s because it’s a an adaptation of an already existing character in Marvel lore: Jeryn Hogarth, who legally represents Iron Fist and Luke Cage’s “Heroes For Hire” business. Of course, the version of Hogarth that exists in “Jessica Jones” is not than the one you remember, the most obvious difference being that she is now a woman.

All episodes of ‪Jessica Jones now streaming, only on Netflix.

Video: Netflix
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